Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Audition Calls

Welcome to the future home of the Space Vessel Bird, a modest yet brand spanking new ship in the Star Trek universe that features in the new audio drama with which it shares a name.

A unlikely band of convicts - some clearly guilty, some wrongly accused, others drifting along more uncertain lines - escape from a Federation penal colony aboard the unaffiliated space vessel Bird. In an attempt to stay alive and avoid the authorities, the crew travels from planet to planet as a group, but each has their own personal motivations, plans, and desires for justice, revenge, and redemption. As Bird heads into dangerous territory, her commander Zachary Beck, a one-time Starfleet captain, begins to discover that events surrounding the members of his crew - and the tragic mistake that led to the stripping of his command - are far more complex than anyone onboard could have anticipated. Set during the events of The Next Generation.

There are eight canon members of Bird's crew ranging in species, age, gender, and personality, but we anticipate a variety of smaller parts. At present, we are looking for actors for the following roles:

Male, early twenties to late forties (Zachary Beck, human captain)
Male, late teens to early thirties (Savan, Vulcan pilot)
Female, late teens to mid-fifties (Renna Jones, human mechanic) - CAST
Male or female, mid-thirties to sixties (Gabrun, Romulan criminal) - CAST
Female, late teens to mid-thirties (Elanu, Orion dancer)
Male, early teens to mid-twenties (Durk, mostly human boy)
Male or female, early twenties to mid-forties (Kit Valoraan, El-Aurian doctor) - CAST
Female, late teens to mid-twenties (Swallow, human philosopher/weapons expert) - CAST

We're looking for a talented cast of actors of any age, gender, or experience! Sense of humour and patience a must. If you're interested in a role, please send us an audio clip in which you tell us a little about yourself and read one of the following quotes:

i. "Prison is never the nicest place to be. Federation prison planets aren't designed to kill you, which is more than can be said for the Klingons, but they're not good spots for a vacation either. After a while, you get used to the routine and the anonymity. You try to stay nameless - it's easier that way, safer too. You keep your head down, do the work, and scrape one day closer to serving out your term unless you're here for life."

ii. "Yeah? Me, I've been here nine years. You want to know the real funny thing, though, the rib-buster? I didn't really think of getting out of here until about a week ago. It was all some vague notion until I started doing some real, hard thinking. You know what I mean?"

iii. "It's a good thing the Empire drummed me out well before you were born. I might be giving you a bad impression of my species right now, Beck."

We're hoping to start as soon as possible, so even if you're just considering, go for it! We're just starting out too and we want to build a fun group of people to work with. As the first episode has already been written and the second is underway, we will try to get back to you within a week. Note that you will be considered for all applicable parts, although if you have a preference, let us know!

All questions, suggestions, and auditions (preferably in MP3 or YouTube format) should be sent to

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